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Shovel Logging What is Shovel Logging? It is a procedure used in a deep swamp logging type situation to harvest timber. Smaller pulpwood trees are cut and used as road material in order to create a firm base for the equipment to run on. At completion, the road is pulled up and hauled to the proper markets 
Chipping Chipping is underscoring removal. In this process a cutter cuts all the small brush and otherwise undesirable vegetation that is present in any tract of timber. These brush piles are skidded to a chipper and they are then fed thru and grinded up into small fuel chips, much like the everyday power company does after clearing right-of-ways. What's left is esthetically pleasing.
Tree Planting Palmetto Pulpwood & Timber will assist in all aspects of reforestation

Philosophy & Strategy

forestIt is PPW philosophy to supply the timber community, being the landowner, pulp mills and saw mills with forest products harvested in an environmentally sound and ethically procured manner. In doing so, utmost concern is taken in staying current with all laws and regulations by continuing education for field personnel and timber harvesters with very little leniency for non-conformists.

The PPW strategy is to combine the talents, leadership skills and contacts made throughout the years by each partner, as well as a superior office staff, informed and conscientious buyers and an environmentally aware logging force and implement all the above. Also taking a three-headed approach to profits and production, the first being to buy timber at a good but not excessive profit by developing our own negotiated landowner base. This will ensure profits. The second approach is to produce high volume to keep the wood outlets/mills needing our services. This production will not have the high profits per ton as the negotiated, but will guarantee a market. The third is to develop a land base for the next generation of owners.

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