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Sell your timber

Sell your timber

Sell your timber

Receive substantial financial returns by responsibly harvesting your timber with certified logging crews
Understory Chipping

Understory Chipping

Help to promote healthier forest growth by thinning or clearing portions of your timber tracts


Ensure stability for future generations by replanting harvested timber tracts with new seedlings

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For a FREE timber estimate and evaluation of your land please call (843) 669-1799

What We Do

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  • Chipping


    Chipping is underscoring removal. In this process a cutter cuts all the small brush and otherwise undesirable vegetation that is present in any tract of timber. These brush piles are skidded to a chipper and they are then fed thru and grinded up into small fuel chips, much like the everyday power company does after clearing right-of-ways. What's left is esthetically pleasing. This operation will not yield the high dollar, however the benefits of not doing as much site prep or the enjoyment received by a clean stand cannot be measured in dollars.
  • Thinning


    Thinning is a process of taking out inferior trees in order to promote the growth of the saw timber trees. Palmetto Pulpwood & Timber has crews whose sole responsibility is thinning, thus we have earned the reputation as the premier first and second thinners. There are two stages of thinning. The first thinning occurs at about 12 - 15 years of age at which time every third row is removed. The second thinning usually occurs after 18 years old. This is usually done on an operator select basis. In which diseased, suppressed or otherwise inferior, non-saw timber producing trees are removed. This would leave the remaining trees in an optimum growing condition. The ultimate goal is to reach saw timber production, which is used to make boards.
  • Tree Planting

    Tree Planting

    Tree planting or Reforestation is the process of re-planting areas to ensure the future of forests and/or your investment. Palmetto Pulpwood & Timber will assist in all aspects of reforestation.
  • Drum Chopping

    Drum Chopping

    Drum Chopping is the process of pulling a large heavy roller with blades through an area to chop up debris, limbs and stumps, which aids in site prep/reforestation. This service is usually reserved for our landowners but can be contracted out by any individual, as needed.
  • Understory Chipping

    Understory Chipping

    The procedure when all trashwood is removed thus leaving a "park-like" appearance

A Timber Harvesting Company

Palmetto Pulpwood and Timber is an environmentally-conscious timber harvesting company located in Florence, SC. We specialize not only in timber harvesting, but also in reforestation and overall land management.

Palmetto Pulpwood and Timber also employs a team of land buyers who can assist you in determining the best course of action for your land.

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What is the benefit of removing the timber on my land?

There is a huge monetary asset in timber that can provide supplemental income both now and in the future. All the while, enhancing wildlife habitat and maintaining aesthetic value.

Is removing all of the trees on my land a bad thing?

Harvesting all of the timber on your property is not necessary a bad thing at all, in fact it is a great thing! The benefits of removing all of the timber on your land not only brings a financial gain to you as a landowner, but it also sets up for the land to be site prep for replanting that can then be managed more intensively.

What happens after all of the trees are removed on my land?

Before all of the trees on your land have been removed you and your local representative will go over the future plan for your stand through artificial regeneration with pine seedlings.

How will removing the trees on my land affect wildlife?

For more information from a highly recognized institution, please check out this article from Clemson University.

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What are the benefits of replanting my land with advanced Loblolly Pine Seedlings?

For more information, please check out the study done by the Forestry Institution at Mississippi State University.

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